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Computer Repair    

We are a full computer repair service company offering expert in home or office on site computer repairs. We will always do better than our competitors. Just call or e-mail us your quote from our competition, and we will give you a better price.

After every repair, we provide phone and email assistance to all our customers and return to the site if needed. JM Computers will help you to set up your home or business network, and keep it running.

Common Computer Problems

  • Slow Performance
  •  Operating System Failure
  •  Internet Connections
  •  Illegal Operations Errors
  •  Hardware Failure
  •  Hardware Conflicts
  •  Freeze Ups
  •  System Won't Shut Down
  •  Memory Problems
  •  Printing Problems
  • Virus Problems
  •  Backup Problems
  • Network Problems
  •  Locked out of Windows
Nobody like to see the  BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH

We will respond quickly and have you back in working order either the same day or the next day in most cases... We take pride on having the knowledge and ability to solve your computer problems quickly and efficiently. 


If you did not call us first, make sure you call us last. You wont be disappointed. Please call or write.